Bullistik French Bulldogs

Although we have owned, bred, and exhibited French Bulldogs since 1990,

this glorious black & tan kiddo is responsible for our foray into the wonderful world of ‘tri-color’ Frenchies.

Although Tycoon, Black Gold at Bullistik, is black & tan, his color would simply be considered ‘tri-color’ or ‘tri’ by those outside of the French Bulldog community.

Tri-color markings are not limited to ‘black’ as there are Blue & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, and even Lilac & Tan in a variety of purebred dogs.

Black & Tan is a color/pattern that had been virtually non-existent in the French Bulldog breed since 1991, when Holly Foster produced her black & tan female,Hollylane’s No Regrets.

After No Regrets was born, her breeder tried multiple times to reproduce that color again, but to no avail.

Fast forward a decade or two and with a lot of patience, knowledge of bloodlines, and the advent of canine DNA COLOR testing, certain breeders have been successful in resurrecting that allusive black & tan gene in the French Bulldog, and I am pleased to be a part of that.

French Bulldogs are a companion breed and come in a variety of colors, but I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the tri-color markings.  If you are a fan, then you will enjoy meeting the colorful crew at Bullistik!

BEWARE!  Black/Tan, Blue/Tan, Chocolate/Tan, Lilac/Tan are all considered DQ colors by the FBDCA, so cannot compete in AKC conformation events.