Bullistik French Bulldogs

Our History

Bullistik and the French Bulldog breed……

Dave and I purchased our first French Bulldog, Chevalier, in 1990 and that wonderful breed has been the focal point of our lives for the past twenty odd years.

During that time, we have bred over FIFTY French Bulldog Champions that are titled in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and the majority of those titleholders were owner/handled.

I have been active in the French Bulldog community since I began exhibiting my dogs at AKC events in the early 90′s.

During my membership in the AKC Specialty club, The French Bulldog Club of Dallas/Fort Worth, I held office on the Board for 3 terms as President, 1 term as Vice President, 3 terms as Treasurer, and 1 term as a Director.


Since 2004, I have planned multiple AKC French Bulldog specialty events in my capacity as Show Chairman for both the French Bulldog Club of Dallas/Fort Worth and the national club, French Bulldog Club of America. I have acted as Show Secretary for the FBCDFWI specialties, have designed and published their show Premium Lists, Judging Programs, Catalogs, and maintained their website for more years than I’d like to remember.

I have had the proud honor of judging French Bulldogs in a Sanctioned B Match, a Futurity event, and Sweepstakes.

In the past, I have volunteered my services as a state coordinator & foster home for the French Bulldog Rescue Network, the first privately operated rescue organization for the French Bulldog breed.

I spent a great deal of time fighting anti-dog legislation in my role as a Legislative Liaison through the AKC


RockstarGovernment Relations department, GR. CH. Bullistik I Am A Rockstar


When this journey with the French Bulldog began, my focus was set on competing with our dogs in AKC conformation events, and it was much easier to garner success in the ring with cream, fawn, or brindle Frenchies in those days.

But, I was never one to take the easy route in any venture, so I made a point of breeding and showing the Frenchies that happened to be those colors (pied and bmf) that most appealed to me even though they were rightfully dubbed ‘hard colors’.

I have had a great deal of success in the show ring with those hard colors and Bullistik Show Dogs is a testament to that success.

You can meet some of our kids that have competed and are still competing by checking out Bullistik French Bulldogs. As you browse through our site, you will soon realize that a good French Bulldog comes in any color, and that many judges seem to be able to recognize that fact.

Bullistik and the RARE COLORS in the French Bulldog breed………


The Winter 2000 issue of the French Bullytin Magazine showed up and there was an advertisement for a very unusual colored French Bulldog named LeBulls Once In A Blue Moon aka Trophy.

This dog was a color (blue brindle) that I was very familiar with, but had never seen in this breed, and didn’t realize it even existed in the French Bulldog. My immediate thoughts were: WOW! how cool is this dog, where in the world did this BLUE Frenchie come from, and how do I get one?

So the search began, and on Valentine’s day 2002, LEVI, the gorgeous LeBull’s Once In A Blue Moon son, was born and later imported from Australia to Texas, by Shelley Ross and myself, and our combined Blue French Bulldog breeding program began.


Fortunately for us, Levi was the product of a breeding program that included some of the best French Bulldog bloodlines available from the United States, England, and Australia.

His pedigree alone was worth its weight in gold, but the dog himself is OUTSTANDING! Levi has phenomenal conformation and breed type, and is still as sound and healthy today as he was when he arrived as a puppy.

This infamous blue brindle boy is a testament to the fact that a well bred French Bulldog can come in any color and we are forever grateful that Levi was the foundation stud dog that built our dilute Bullistik French Bulldog breeding program.

You can find out more about the blue coat color (dilution allele) as it pertains to this breed on our site that is totally dedicated to providing factual information about the dilute coat color in the French Bulldog.

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